Emergency Exercises and Drills


Drills and exercises turn your “paper plan” into a road-tested emergency response program.  Done well, they expose vulnerabilities and reinforce strengths so that you’ll be ready to respond if disaster occurs.

I hired Sue to help plan our yearly mishap exercise when I was
at FedEx Express; we liked her so much we hired her again the
next year.

Alan Ray, former FedEx Express Flight Safety Manager


Once your plans and training are in place, Sue conducts exercises to hone your teams’ skills. These can range from a tabletop exercise for a single team to a full-scale, company-wide exercise with role-players and multi-agency involvement.  An after-action report will identify shortcomings in your program and recommend specific, detailed improvements to guide continued development.

Services include

Command Center leaders get hands-on experience in a live exercise

  • Writing emergency exercises that integrate real operational issues
  • Implementing drills for teams, departments, entire organizations
  • Capturing and documenting drill activities and responses
  • Facilitating debriefs for exercise participants
  • Evaluating results and recommending improvements in a summary report and action plan

    A Family Assistance Center drill lets participants practice their skills in a mock briefing.